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  Chet Cale, sculptor, Great Bend, Kansas

Custom Memorials/Headstones now offered at Chet Cale's Studio

Released on 11/16/2007

News Release Re:New Service Offerd by Chet Cale Studio at Stone Street Arts Chet Cale is now offering custom, hand carved and sculpted headstones and memorials. He enjoys working together with clients so he can create a design that honors a loved one or, if specifically for the client, will say what they want to say in words and images. "I can create these memorials from any available stone including granite and marble. I can create bronze sculptures and memorial plaques that can be incorporated into the design of the headstone or be stand alone bronze memorials. I can also produce either ceramic or bronze urns and can even do hand carved bases for urns in wood or stone " said Chet. This last year Chet built and carved an urn base from walnut that depicted two hands shaking. It was for a young man in Portland, Oregon that had died in a motorcycle accident. The entire family was part of the motorcycle community and that group of people wanted to do something to help the family. The urn itself was made from a Harley cylinder. Over 12 people from all over the United States did actual hands on work on this project from providing parts, powder coating, machining a custom mounting bracket, and of course building and carving the base. " The shaking hands are a tradtional motif that usually symbolizes a married couple. In this case there was a double meaning" Chet explained. "One of the hands was carved wearing a gauntlet style riding glove and the other was of a womens hand. On one level the hands represented the mother and father of the boy coming together and supporting each other. On another level the gauntleted hand represented the biker community coming together to support the family which female hand represents." Having just finished a granite headstone with a lifesizesleepig cat carved on it, Chet is currently working on the design for a large, eight foot long, headstone that will be completly carved with a mountain scene. "What I am hoping to offer is the opportunity to help my clients in creating memorials that reflect the lives of those that have passed, or will pass. Not being limited by anything but the imagination and the rules of the cemetary, I can create unique and lasting tributes to a persons life. " All of this custom work is done at Mr. Cales' studio at, Stone Street Arts, 510 Stone Street, Great Bend, Kansas. "I do all of the custom carving in my studio. I even pour my own bronze here." "I am hoping that my main market area is local but I can ship anywhere. Clients can pick up at my studio or if I am going to be in their area I might even be able to deliver it myself. To see some of the work that Chet has done in this line you can go to the memorial page on his website at . If you would like for Chet to create a one of a kind memorial for you or a loved one please call (620-282-0160) or write ( ).

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